Here are some questions I asked Ruchi on an interview with her. Feel free to ask her other questions you may have in the guestbook...


What made you an author?

Even though I'm good at many, many things, I'd have to say I love to write more than anything else. I'm a highly entrepreneurial person with a colossal creative side. These two basic qualities and passion boosted my confidence and enthusiasm and led me to publish my first book, which I had been working on for a long time....and here I am, a published author with a lot of friends.


What advice do you have for parents of young kids?

It's never too early to let your kids follow their dream. If a young kid wants to show their creative side to the world and achieve success, then guide them, teach them, Inspire them to get a headstart and boost their confidence to make them successful.  Never underestimate your kids capabilties...


What advice do you have for kids your own age?

Have fun and live your childhood while you can. There are many people who say "I don't like doing any work; I just like to have fun!". Well, that's not true. Everybody in the world, no matter what the personality or the attitude, has something that they love to do, that's educational. For me, it's writing. But it can be different for everyone. Kick back, have fun, and work hard towards your goals...Remember "Time and tide waits for no man (or woman)"


Have you always wanted to be an author?

Well, yes. I've written so much in the past and I've always had a dream of publishing a book and becoming a famous author, and now it's been fulfilled!

But, wait....this is just the beginning...


What other things do you enjoy doing?

I love to read, swim, invent, travel (with my family to widen my horizon for inspiration), sing, write poems, watch television, dance, play softball, volleyball, kickball, tennis, basketball, hockey, figure skate, climb trees, play the piano, be fashionable, and most importantly: have fun!!!!


Are you working on any more books?

Yes. I'm working on the TWIN SPIES sequel and I'm really excited about it!

Stay tuned...I'll share it soon on this website.


Would you be interested in other writing careers?

Actually, I'm planning to just be an author, but I guess I could be a revisor & editor too since I'm so familiar with writing, punctuation, and spelling...


Have you ever been to Paris?

You'd be surprised to know that I've never been to Paris!

Inspite of that fact, I've been able to put my research and imagination to work together to create a vivid picture in my book.

Now that I've written so much about it, I'm really looking forward to go see it... :)



Thanks all of you wonderful readers for reading this and I hope you develop a passion for writing too!!!!!!